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House Lockout - 15$ Emergency Mobile Locksmith Service

$15 Edmonton Locksmith

House Lockout - 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith In Edmonton

House Lockout - 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith In Edmonton

When one finds himself in a house lockout situation, it’s always better to get the door unlocked by a professional.
We at Edmonton Locksmith provide emergency house lockout services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

House Lockout - Mobile Locksmith

Each client has our personal guarantee that the job will be done by professional locksmiths, expediently and at a very competitively affordable lower rate. We service most major lock brands and associated door hardware and we also service the brands that we don’t sell. If by chance, we don’t service a particular item, we’ll refer you to the Locksmith best suited to resolve your issue because we believe that a happy client is a return client.

Locksmith Edmonton has always try to give the best customer satisfaction and professional service. We are licensed, insured and bonded wherever applicable by law.

You can feel free to call our customer services for any questions, quotes, comments and services. We would appreciate your feedback and comments to always keep our self best in providing a better service.

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8 ways to avoid burgles ​

In order to help you as much as we can we made up a list of tips to help you avoid house robberies:

Lock your doors 

30% of all burgles enter though a unlocked or even open door. Make sure to close and lock you door every time you leave the house. 

Do not leave notes 

It’s nice to come back home and see a note from mom saying that she will be back soon. But for the burgles that is a clear invitation to sneak in you house and grab your beloved jewels. Never leave a note stating your whereabouts, not even if it is to say that your in the garden. 

Upgrade your security

If you are afraid a intruder will enter you home while you are asleep go ahead and buy a one-way deadbolt on you door. These are not accessible from the outside because they don’t have a plate, therefore a bugler will not even know there was a lock.

Cover your windows

It is safe to say that if an intruder dose not know for certain that you are not home he will probably not take the chance. 

Therefore, covering your windows is a great way to make the burgle uncertain. 

One way is to cover the windows with curtains in your hose. anther way is to use frost, glaze or otherwise cover your garage windows so burglars can’t see in to tell if your car is gone or not. You can do this with a simple can of glass frosting spray — and it’s quick and easy

Your address 

For a better police response time you should make sure your house number is clear on your house. Police may respond in time to a call regarding your house but will be delaid buy simply missing it, witch will give the bugler time to run off with your belongings.

Motion activated outdoor flood lights

By setting the sensitivity on the detector how ever you please , close range or a hole garden you can easily scare off intruders with thous big lights or maybe even catch them.

Plant thorny shrubs near your window

For making it even more unwelcoming make sure to trim the bushes short enough so if someone dose attempt to be clever the bushes will not conceal there makings. 

Break into your own home

This might sound extreme but this is crucial. By you knowing the weak points of your house you can trigger them. If you find yourself able to break in you know that a professional bugler will certainly have no problem as well.

services we provide​

We, Locksmith Edmonton, try to provide with assassinate in a wide range of fields. Making sure we are still doing the job at high quality. we provide services such as :

  • House lockout 
  • Emergency locksmith
  • Lock change
  • Rekey
  • Security Upgrade
In addition our locksmiths can provide assiteness in other services such as :

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For any questions comments or concerns please feel free to contact us. Our dispatch center works 24 Hours a day to make sure there is always someone to help you. 

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