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$35 Locksmith Edmonton - 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith

$15 Edmonton Locksmith

Locksmith Near Me

Are you in a desperate need of a locksmith service but you can’t find anyone close? Check out our Locksmith Near me service! Locksmith Edmonton is here to help to anyone who needs us.

We provide our services at many different areas around Edmonton. Click here to see if your area is in our location list.

Moreover, we know how urgent your situation is. That’s why we keep our response time the as short as possible- ONLY 20 minutes or less! Our technician will be in your location and fix the problem ASAP.

In addition, our prices are the lowest ones in the market! One of our goals is been available to anyone who’s looking for a locksmith service at reasonable prices.

Our Main Locksmith Services:

Furthermore, you can ask our help for changing a mail box and safe lock,unlocking a garage door, File cabinet lock repair or replace, car key made, door repair and much more! Not sure if we can help? Contact us and we’ll answer all of your questions.

Locksmith Near me

How to Book our Locksmith Near Me service

First you’ll need to contact us. You can do it through our email address –, or call us at (780) 665-5114. We provide 24/7 service so there will always be someone available to take your call and help.

Than, we’ll ask for a short description of the problem and give you a quote consisting to the problem. Once that’s settled, we’ll ask for your exact address and available phone number. We’re aware that in some cases you can’t reach your phone. That’s why we suggest you to use a neighbor or a friend phone, any close shops and even a restaurant. The locksmith has to have a way to reach you. Furthermore, in case of an automotive problem we’ll ask the make and model of the car.

The final step in our booking process is to simply wait! From the moment we have all your information, we’ll dispatch the closest technician to your location. All of our technician carry all the tools and equipment they need in order to fix your problem on the spot! Moreover, they will be in your location in less than 20 minutes and get your day back on track quickly and at the best price.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact us at any time!

We are here for you 24 Hours a day, 7 Days a week, 365 days a year.

Lock Surgeon Edmonton

Lock Surgeon Edmonton - 24 Hour Mobile Emergency service

Lock Surgeon Edmonton - 24 Hour Mobile Emergency service

Are you looking for a Lock Surgeon Edmonton  – 24 Hour Mobile Emergency service ? No problem we are just 20 min away from you! 

We offer a 24 Hour Service that will be available for you any day at any given time!

for any problem just call now 

Lock Surgeon Edmonton

Are you stuck outside your house and the oven is still working? Don’t worry about it. 

We have the best locksmiths just around the corner from you the most affordable prices.

In addition, our locksmith are well trained ready to offer you the best service they can give and with the widest verity of services you can get any where in town. 

Car Unlock

Best Response Times

We know that getting locked out of your house or out of your car can really effect your day to day life. You might get late for work or your kid will get effected from being home alone. 

Therefor, we position out locksmiths in a strategic alignment that makes it easy to arrive at your location at any given time in only 20 minutes. 

In addition, we make sure to give you the best service by being able to always fix your problem on spot. 

Insured & Bonded

Making you secure is our top priority here in Locksmith Edmonton. Therefore, we know that not only the security of your house, business or car are important but you as well. 

Hens, our locksmiths are all licensed and insured and ready to help you with a wide verity of problem no matter the time or place. 

Services We Provide

Our Locksmith Know how important it is to make you as happy as possible and because of that they train to be the best. 

Moreover, our locksmith provide a wide set of skilles that will help you get out of any truble such as :

And much much more just call us and our dispatch center will be happy to assist in any questions you have 24 Hours a day. 


Contact Us

Finally, for any comments, questions or concerns please feel free to contact us and our dispatch service will be happy to assist you. 

24 Hour Locksmith Edmonton

24 Hour Locksmith Edmonton

24 Hour Locksmith Edmonton

are you loking for a 24 Hour Locksmith Edmonton ? no problem we are here to help. We have the best locksmith at the prices with the best response time in town! 

No matter the time we make sure you will always have someone tp relay on with the best locksmith in the area aveilble 24 hour a day! 

just call now and we be on our way to you in minutes. 

24 Hour Locksmith Edmonton​

We know how devastating it can be to be locked out of your house at 3:00 AM with no one to relay on. Therefore, we make sure to be available fr any problem 24 Hour a day. 

Moreover, we provide the best response time in the area being able to be at your home in only 20 min. 

In addition, if that is not enough we provide cheap prices that will knock you off your feat and still offering a professional work with locksmiths that are well experienced.

Car Unlock

Insured and bonded

We know how impotent for you to feel as safe as possible. Hens, we provide you with highly qualified and insured locksmith with license.

Therefor, you can feel safe and sound knowing the people that you are hiring are professionals.

In addition, not only do we offer highly qualified locksmith but we also make sure to train them in a wide range of problem. So they will be as useful as possible and will always know how to help you. 

Services we Provide

To make your problems go away as fast as possible we built a team of professional that are able to help you in any problem such as:

And much more, for any problem and even though who are not listed above please call us and our dispatch center will be happy to assist you. 

contact us

Finally, for any questions, comments and concerns please contact us and our dispatch team will be happy to assist you any time a day with any problem you have. 

Cheap Locksmith

Cheap Locksmith - 24 Hour Emergency Mobile Locksmith Service

Cheap Locksmith - 24 Hour Emergency Mobile Locksmith Service

Are you looking not only to receive a professionally done job but affordable as well? Here In Locksmith Edmonton we bring you the most Cheap Locksmith and the most experienced to make this unpleasant experience the best you can receive.

Just call and we will be there in a tick. 

Best Locksmith service

Have you found yourself stuck out of t=your house and your kid is locked inside ? sounds like you need a locksmith . 

We know how stressful these situations can be ,therefor, we try to give you the best service as possible. From Having the best Locksmiths in Edmonton to the most affordeble rates in the market we know that we want to give the most easy time. 

In addition we make sure to have the most fasts responses making sure to be at your door step 20 min after you have called. 

When in trouble just call and we will help you with a wide verity of problems.


Cheap Locksmith

Insured & Bonded

Making your experience easier includes making sure that you are safe as well.  Therefor, we hire only licensed ad insured locksmiths that are best in their filed of expertise.

Finding the best locksmith for you is our highest priority  and we take your well being very seriously. So In any need of an emergency locksmith 

Cheap Locksmith - Best Prices in the Market

Looking for the cheapest Locksmiths in town well you got to the right place.

Moreover, ere in Locksmith Edmonton we offer the best prices in the market for a hole range of subjects. so if you want the best quote just call now and we will make sure your time was worthwhile. 

Services we Provide

To make sure we can help you as best as we can we train our locksmith to be prepared for everything therefore they are well experienced in a wide variety of problem such as:

  • Car Lockouts 
  • House lockouts
  • Re-key
  • Commercial service 
  • Emergency locksmith 
  • Mail – box 
  • Security upgrade 
and much, much more. if your problem is not listed above you may call us and ask any question you may have. Our dispatch center works 24 Hours a day to make sure you will never stay in the dark. 

contact us

for any question comment and concern you are more then welcome to call us and our dispatch center will be happy to help! please call now ! 

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